OAuth Availablity Grows

oauthTwitter can now manage 3rd party application access using OAuth

It’s been a while coming but there are a handful of applications out there using the OAuth protocol which allows secure authorization between web applications and services that use an API and allows those authorisations to be easily revoked if need be. This makes a lot of sense for social networking services such as Twitter where third party services have previously required you to enter your preious user-name and password in order to use their services and you had to hope and pray that these complimentary services were not just out to farm your account login details or at a future point might abuse these previously simple authorisation details. With Twitter which has introduced OAuth as an option for authentication a new connections tab now shows who you have authorised via the protocol.

I’m very careful who I hand out my Twitter login details to so OAuth adds a much needed layer of user centric security.
Hopefully OAuth will continue to grow as a  means of secure on-line API authentication.

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