Oh Dearism

A new Adam Curtis short which was shown during Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe programme.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Dearism

  1. At the risk of sounding like one of his “radicals”, I would say that the news has always been filtered, manipulated and slanted. The latest “human evil” view of world events is as much a media artifact as all the others. The public always been largely impotent to act except by sending money which, as he says, is often hijhacked by the warlords.

    The result is apathy. People look briefly at the scenes of carnage on the screen then turn to Eastenders. Even the G20 protests are simply apathy in motion: what do they achieve? That’s right, nothing. Other than to give a boost to the protesters’ feelings of self-righteousness, of course.

    News gatherers need the cooperation of governments and this puts an effective limit on their ability to tell the true story of events. That supposes, of course, that they themselves understand what they see going on which in fact is often not the case. GIGO applies as much to the news as to computer science.

  2. Good points ST. I guess it’s very easy now to see a point of view that says no matter what you do the outcome is likely to be less than ideal. Print media has lost ts news credibility and now offer opinion whilst TV news no longer knows how to explain what’s going on.Maybe because none of us can say for certain anymore. Less about facts and more about opinion?

  3. Newswipe is getting better every week. It’s such a shame they have neither the budget or huge team of writers to pull off the kind of daily news/comedy show the US get in the form of The Daily Show or Colbert.
    The above clip set me off on the task of catching up with Curtis’s other films: wonderful stuff.

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