Copper Sulphate Seizure

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The nominees for this years Turner Prize have been announced. Here’s A Nicholas Glass report from last year about nominee Roger Hiorns whose copper sulphate house interior exhibition came to prominence via word of mouth.

Did anyone else get to make copper sulphate gardens at school or am I just showing my age?

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2 thoughts on “Copper Sulphate Seizure

  1. Yes the copper sulphate garden experiments kind of stick in the mind.

    My memory is that you could actually buy chemicals from the science department too and do various experiments at home including the orange stuff (Ammonium dichromate. Can’t believe I remembered the chemical name ) that goes up like a small volcano (Mum WAS pleased).

    The chemical garden thing was quite amazing. Maybe it was one of those inner city comprehensive things. Lots of ‘trendy-leftie’ (their description by the way, not mine) teachers with an emphasis on creativity. Shame I hated every minute of it all apart from the art lessons.

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