Endless Choice Headache Syndrome

I developed a migraine style headache today after being paralysed withthe many choices available when considering a replacement for our lightening-fried computer.
Did I really need bucket loads of processing power (I never have in the past) or did I just want an ultra low power consumption web browsing audio and video playing thingy?
What to buy?
Core 2, core2 duo,atom, dual core atom, nvidia ion?Atx,mATX,mini-itx? It's all sadly very buzzword-heavy and wading through the reality of any potential purchase choice versus the invariably testosterone tinted viewpoint of 'bigger is better' dogma in a sea of highly personal opinions found on-line is very tedious and tiring (hence my headche at the end of the rainbow)
I'm one of those people who heavily researches things before purchasing but often wishes that I wasn't quite so analytical and thorough as that ends up looking like I'm prevaricating about the bush (and of course I can never be accused of that…much).


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