Watching The Tube On The Tube From The Past

The Tube (TV series)

A change for yesterday's dream about a fabric covered world. Last night's dream consisted of me watching television in the 1980's (very mundane). As usual many elements were a bit mixed up with some modern items transposed into a retro environment (huge boxy tape based PVR thingies. Very steampunk).
I have a vivid image of watching Channel 4's The Tube with suitable 80's retro looking and sounding pop groups that never really existed.
Which reminds me that I've often thought that those naff holiday camps would get a whole new lease of life if they were kitted out as if visitors had traveled back in time. Whole eras recreated complete with radio and telly from the period as well as food. A kind of 40's, 50's,60's,70's or 80's theme park that you live in for a week or so.Nostalgia as an immersive holiday experience.

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