Playaway Time

Just picked up an audio book (Yes Adam I took the lazy option) from the library that’s in the playaway format which I’ve not tried out before. It was this or 22 CD’s which I didn’t fancy faffing around with. It’s a tiny pocket device that’s been supplied with x2 rechargeable AAA batteries. You use your own headphones. I had assumed that it’d perhaps be reasonable quality low bitrate  AAC/+ or more likely protected WMA loaded into an internal digital memory but sadly evidence of quite severe bitrate crushing is audibly evident so perhaps I should have suffered the suitcase full of CD’s instead (well it is unabridged so I guess they have to compress like crazy but do they really now in this day and age?). The audio can be speeded up or slowed down without the pitch being shifted and the device remembers the point at which you were last listening. A new experience technologically anyway.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


One thought on “Playaway Time

  1. I fully accept your laziness as an excuse to play with new toys. I wonder if my local library does this? I suspect not, they tend to look sniffy if you try and checkout a DVD.

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