Fighting For The Battler?

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

25 Aug 2009
Australia has raised the threshold for personal bankruptcy from AU$2000 to AU$10,000 to better help the ‘battler’ population (the traditional low income, low asset, no social mobility  demographic in Australian society) better survive the recession and help them avoid the shame of bankruptcy under the headline  of keeping the ‘banks at bay’.. In Australia it perhaps is better recognised that debt and bankruptcy occurs more readily within the low income members of society who turn to credit cards to help fund house price, rental and cost of living increases and that bankruptcy in the face of few assets achieves very little other than compound the problems of the long term poor in a recession. The ‘Battler‘ is often cited by some as being closer to the real heart of Australia and is a term of endearment a world away from Britain’s demonising of what remains of and what it means to be working class.


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