They Do It Over There But We Don’t Do It Here

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The Beeb looks at how Sweden, known as probably Europe’s most transparent democracy manage their own MPs expenses and accommodation needs. Whilst watching the report I kept saying to myself ‘ah but how much is their salary’ and it turns out it’s on par with our own UK politicians.So no excuses then?

OK, I’m never sure how useful it is to examine how other cultures do things especially when it would take a sea change in our own culture sometimes to achieve the same though it’s probably a useful yardstick for the ideal (wanders off to daydream of the ideal).


2 thoughts on “They Do It Over There But We Don’t Do It Here

  1. I particularly liked the Swedish MP’s remark that 50 square metres is enough for one person “because you are working when you are in the Parliament”. I suspect that some of our MPs could take a lesson from that.

    Government provided flats are so obviously the right solution for MPs needing a place to stay in London. With accommodation blocks going up all over London for students, this thought had already occurred to us. The government could so easily acquire a building, whether an existing one or a new build.

    Will it ever happen? I am doubtful because if the expenses row has shown one thing, it is that at least some MPs regard it as their right, not merely to live comfortably as they would at home, but to live in luxury at public expense.

    The British political establishment is corrupt, rotten to the core, but we British will go on tolerating it out of laziness, inertia and fear of change.

    • I hear what you say SilverTiger. We’re certainly not a nation of radical voters so we probably partly get what we deserve. It’s like the Europe issue. I hear so many people bleating on about ‘we should get out of Europe blah-de-blah’ (rolls eyes) and yet when presented with political parties that promise to specifically do just that people presumably end up voting for the usual suspects. To get a different outcome you’ve no doubt got to change your behaviour. I’m not sure it’s exclusively our politics that is corrupted though. There’s been something rotten in the culture for a while now and that right to entitlement multiple property owning status and money/bonus culture obsession thing sadly seems to be a big part of what British culture has become (in my ‘umble opinion of course). Always good to hear your views ST.

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