One voice singing in the darkness

After decades of unmitigated and relentless capitalism and a Thatcheresque meltdown (she was not very good at seeing things going pear shaped in the long term either) it would be nice to have just a thin slice of socialist compassion and equality for the ordinary person, especially the ones on low and fixed incomes. Despite the rampant privatisations the trains do not run on time, energy, fuel and utilities cost an arm and a leg, we do not have enough affordable housing, and our infrastructure resembles an unfinished matchstick model. We are being screwed by taxes, largely to pay for a massive failure in the private sector.

A comment from Nick Robinson’s blog albeit a lone voice in the darkness it would seem.


One thought on “One voice singing in the darkness

  1. It’s time we sent the whole stinking mass of this “Labour” government into the outer darkness. Tinkering with the leadership is pointless. It’s merely re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The longer this disastrous bunch stay in power, the more damage they do to the nation and to our civil rights.

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