Deciding not to make a decision down under

“The committee was given examples of successful parenting and fostering by gay and lesbian couples and in these case studies, adoption provided permanence, stability and security so important to children,” she said.

“However, I am also aware that there are very deeply held, divergent views on this issue and that is why a decision on this matter will not be taken at this stage.”

The Australian state of New South Wales decides that it cannot obtain a consensus on changing the state law to enable same sex couples to adopt even though individuals who happen to be gay can already adopt.


3 thoughts on “Deciding not to make a decision down under

  1. Such a cop out really.

    Two friends of Sandra’s who are gay and together but not living together successfully each adopted a child but would not have been able to as a couple. Crazy.

    I thought there was some research recently that showed that lesbian couples made the best parenting combination (not that I believe there is such a thing as “best” when it comes to parenting really). It is certainly much easier to do the whole parenting thing if there are two of you.

    I did determine that I would not get cross about such things as this from now on but I can’t seem to help it!

    Solar panels don’t work in the rain????? Why is that related??? Made me chuckle anyway and relieved my cross-dom a little.

    • Well Australia despite being the tolerant home of Mardi Gras is a deeply conservative country still. Really it would seem that unease about the M-word (marriage) is the real sticking point that has blocked the law change at the moment as the more right wing lobbyists probably see same sex adoption as paving the way for gay marriage in law (even the UK doesn’t have gay marriage but went down the civil partnership route which at least is a better first setp compromise than the not at all option). Too early for change down under maybe?
      I’d have thought that having two committed and loving parents who put any child first is the best (if we must use such a classification) qualification for any potential adoption no matter what their sexuality happens to be.
      Yes the auto generated links are comically way off target (& relevance) sometimes.

  2. “We know it’s right but we don’t like it so we’re looking for an excuse not to do it.”

    “OK, we can’t find an excuse not to do it so… we’re not doing it.”

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