UPad if you want to

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07
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It’s been hard to escape the hype and expectation around Apple’s new iPad tablet device thingy. I’ve been a long term user of Apple computers (my first was a second hand Apple IIe way back when) though of late I’ve been using linux for everything aside from advanced audio and video production.

I’ve had little desire to own an iPhone and I can’t say I currently have an iPad shaped hole in my life. That’s not to say that it isn’t an important device in the history of personal technology but my mobile needs are already catered for by a netbook (3G and WiFi capable), a device which Steve Jobs dismissed as ‘not really good at anything’.Well at least it can run the flash plugin which the iPhone and iPad do not.Oh and voip/skype. Okay no access to Apple’s app store or iBook or the print media portal but I can download eBooks from our local library and subscribe to PressDisplay to read newspapers from around the world.Oh and plug it into a larger monitor if required.And it has a real keyboard that’s not an optional extra. The point is I don’t find a netbook that limiting.

But then maybe the iPad is just not aimed at me.Or is is that the fabled Steve Jobs  reality distortion field isn’t working on me these days? I wait with interest the unveiling of the special inflated UK pricing for the iPad models when Apple get around to launching it in the UK in June.


4 thoughts on “UPad if you want to

  1. Just a note, you can use Skype on the iPhone. There’s an app for that but I’m not a fan of Skype so I don’t use it myself.

    I think the iPad is a turkey. Stephen Fry, predictably, loves and is already defending it. The fact that it needs defending from day one is indicative that its shortcomings are clear to too many people to make it a success like the iPhone.

    • Hi Andy- Yes I had taken note of skype on the iPhone. I’m not a skype user either as I have a sip based hardware voip phone but obviously a lot of people do use it. I have no great issue with the iPhone or its users but I currently can’t justify that kind of contract charge (though I’m getting a little peeved at Apple’s use of Microsloth style system lock-ins).Maybe the iPad is a tentative step towards a fully blown full OS tablet or touch screen Macbook & iMac, who knows.

  2. As you know, I love my iPhone and my MacBook. But I am not tempted by the iPad either – well, not so far. I don’t have a netbook – I seem to get by using either the laptop or the phone. I actually find the touch screen on the iPhone fine for typing even fairly lengthy emails. I wouldn’t write a paper on it but I use it to keep up to date with work or personal stuff when I am not in the house.

    But I once proclaimed that I would NEVER own a mobile phone. So what I say and think now is no clear indication of what I will do in six months time!

    • Hi RB-I always say whatever works for you is fine. I still put the mobile phone in the draw marked ‘con technology’ in that it should be liberating but IMHO is part of that insidious creep 24/7 availability. I just bought only my 3rd mobile phone ever (and my 1st ever all news model) which cost all of 20 quid so I’m the last of the big spenders in terms of mobile gadgets but then again I almost never make phone calls when out & about because I can’t hear it ring and certainly can’t hear the caller unless in an environment of library style quiet and I take the attitude that if I’m not available I’m just not available. Maybe that’s just me being hardline and setting old fashioned boundaries.

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