History as it happens or token democracy?

I’m a sucker for having historic items on whilst doing other things.Whether via the TV, radio or Internet.As I write this we’re part way through ex-PM Tony Blair giving his side of why he took Britain to war in Iraq. Twitter has probably already made up its mind as the wisdom of crowds extracts the sound bites whilst trying its hardest to find the humour in a deathly serious subject.  Maybe this is the nearest many of us can feel to being involved and having a say, It’s a token democracy.


One thought on “History as it happens or token democracy?

  1. Not even that, really, just a chance for a few people with a grudge to try to put Blair on the spot.

    Will they succeed? Possibly. Possibly not. Will it make any difference? Probably not. I rather think that after all the sound and fury, the matter will be quietly shelved and Blair will go on being Blair and making a mint out of it.

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