The future is stuff shaped

Most of my life I’ve attracted ‘creative clutter’. Some times have been worse than others. It’s clearly a  state of mind. Lately my mind has taken me into a different place and I am surprisingly organising our stuff in a more aesthetically pleasing way. It’s a strange feeling at the moment.Like there’s an unseen stranger in the home (have I inadvertently become possessed by a clutter clearing poltergeist?) and each morning I awake to wonder who’s been tidying up? Will it continue or is it just a passing fad. Something to occupy my mind or even to stop me occupying my mind?
Picture by vintagecat under this creative commons license


2 thoughts on “The future is stuff shaped

  1. I know all about clutter: I live with a hoarder. Clutter is neither creative nor not creative. It is simply clutter. The main feature of clutter is that most of it is never actually used or even taken out and looked at. It is dead mass. Some people, however, need clutter, just as the caddis fly larva needs to surround itself with pebbles and bits of wood. It is the furniture analogue of comfort food.

    We have so much clutter that most of it is inaccessible under and behind other clutter. We have bought new things to replace things we have but don’t know where to find.

    I have learnt to live with it. As long as I can get to the bed, the sink and my chair, I’m happy: sleep, tea, computer, the three necessities of life. Oh yes, and the front door. I do go out occasionally.

    I do sometimes fantasize about throwing everything out and sitting on the floor in the middle of a perfectly empty room. But then I find the sink and make tea and the vision passes…

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