This is the time plus two

Timezone - Artwork
Image by Patrick Hoesly via Flickr

“It’s being called Greenwich Mean Time plus two: a new time zone for Britain with an extra hour of daylight in the evening. The downside? An additional hour of darkness in the morning”

The Indy discusses the fanciful notion of the UK adopting a permanent GMT+2 timezone which would see many Scottish schoolchildren see the sunrise whilst in their classrooms and experience an 11:10pm sunset in the summer months. As far as I’m concerned can we please just adopt one time over the entire year and stick with it? Maybe I can adopt GMT+2 myself and just force everyone else to adapt to my personal timezone. Perhaps even have that printed on a business card listed next to my contact details: ‘this autonomous individual operates within the GMT+2 timezone only’.



3 thoughts on “This is the time plus two

  1. I have often thought it would be fun to live in my own personal time zone. We kind of try it a bit during long school holidays but other people do tend to get in the way with their expectations etc.

    Like you, I would rather we stuck with one time zone whatever it is. I really don’t think there is any serious justification for shifting back and forth anymore.

  2. The bi-annual clock-change is a cause of annoyance to me too. Nothing prevents Scottish (or any other) farmers starting work an hour later or earlier according to the season, if they so wish. Why inflict this on the rest of us?

    This was brought home to me today when I was struggling to bring my geotagger into sync with the camera whose clock I had advanced an hour. I eventually worked out why I was having a problem and how to solve it but I shouldn’t have had the problem in the first place.

    My solution is simple. (I say “my” solution though other people have also proposed it.) No one would dream of shifting the clocks just 30 minutes, would they? So small a shift would be pointless. OK, then, come the winter, let’s move the clocks back 30 minutes and then leave them there. 30 minutes either way surely cannot cause a problem even to Scottish farmers or to whatever mythical beings are supposed to be responsible for our nonsensical clock manipulations.

    Personally, I would be happy to leave the clocks as they are now but if it takes a move of 30 minutes to make everyone happy, I would go with that. Either way, it is high time to stop imposing on the majority a nuisance that is theoretically useful only to a minority who, in any case, have a simple solution to it (get up an hour earlier/later).

  3. Here in the US, we have 3 major time zones, plus bi-annual +-1 hour shifts, which is pretty annoying. However, the state of Arizona has decided that shifting hours around is nonsense, so they’ve decided as a state to just live in their own non-shifting zone. I have no idea how it relates to the other time zones around it.

    I’ve always liked their gumption. Maybe it’s because as an American I have a desire to throw off my overlords bred into me, but I really admire those crazy folks in Arizona.

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