Cutting out the political leaflet ‘middleman’

I’d been getting a bit peeved with the deluge of political canvassing leaflets coming through the letterbox of late so had the fanciful notion of putting a sign on the recycle bin which said ‘political leaflets in here please’ as a way of cutting out the ‘middleman’.

After all I was off the junk mail lists, have recently finally stopped the delivery of phone directories so bar charity bags and pizza delivery leaflets I’ve managed to seriously cut the amount of wasteful junk that comes through the letterbox.

So in a fit of half amused pique I quickly printed such a sign, laminated it and stuck it on the bin.

The bizarre bit is it’s actually working and leaflets are being delivered straight to the bin.

Trashcan picture by Tim Morgan under this creative commons license


One thought on “Cutting out the political leaflet ‘middleman’

  1. How amusing! Then again, we know that people who work for political parties are not the brightest candles on the tree or they would be out doing something useful with their lives. Perhaps these poor deluded souls thought you had reassigned the bin as a collection point, not realizing its true purpose.

    The next interesting moment will be when they come to empty the recycling bins: will they empty your bin with the notice on it or will they too be misled into thinking it has been reassigned?

    Leafletting is bad enough but my MP seemed to think it was OK to email me on all sorts of matters. It took time and effort to get her to stop.

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