Immigration Control – A Reality Check

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A quick reality check re the promises by some parties in the UK election  to control or cap immigration. It’s depressing that the UK election has become so dominated by the immigration issue in this last week as it plays into that slightly xenophobic element of the British psyche.But there you go. We’re an island nation with a slightly insular viewpoint on things and rather resistant to change. So it’s ironic that change is one of the buzzwords of one particular political party.

Illegal Antipodeans?

I heard a professor on the radio yesterday asserting that the highest statistic for illegal immigration was via expired visitor visas and that the largest ethnic grouping that transgressed that were Australian.
Fair Dinkum?

If you want to hear Professor  Chris Gaine’s (Chichester University) assertions plus an interesting comparison of how other countries deal with immigration then go to the BBC iPlayer and fast forward to around 39 minutes into this programme.


One thought on “Immigration Control – A Reality Check

  1. Thank you for the post and the links. Yes, immigration is never black and white. But an easy target, and easy to blacken.
    Even then, in practice it gets grey again.
    Just an example: a friend of mine who is rather anti-immigration told me that it would be a good thing if I went to work in the UK. But I would be an immigrant too, so in theory, he would be against me from that moment.

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