Crumar Midi Master Keyboard AKA Unique DBM

I’ve owned this back breakingly heavy midi master keyboard since the dawn of time itself but I’m about to sell it on and have taken the opportunity to scan the original manual. Crumar keyboards were only around for a short period and this one boasts  a very solid  all steel construction. A 72 note weighted keyboard, 3 way keyboard split with overlap and a nostalgic 4000 note 4 track sequencer built in ( I mostly used external sequencers myself).

As I mentioned I’ve just laboriously scanned the original manual which I’ve placed on scribd for others who may find themselves in possession of this keyboard whether badged as a Chase or as was the case in the US as the Unique DBM.

PDF can be downloaded here


One thought on “Crumar Midi Master Keyboard AKA Unique DBM

  1. Is this still useable in nowadays environments ? Like, how does the velocity and the aftertouch translate when hooked to a usb midi interface ? Is it a pain to set up ? Does have it memory patches ?

    Thanks !

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