2Day Was Yesterday


Image by andrewhallpics via Flickr

BBC Radio2 remixed its schedule with a one day event they almost amusingly (I said almost) called 2Day. So for one day only the usual DJ/host was not in their usual slot but paired with somebody else from the station (or guesting for the day) at an entirely different time.

This was the radio equaivalent of changing the layout in a supermarket in order to get people to wander into aisles they’d seldom linger. Why?

Apparently Radio2 listeners whilst large in number are somewhat creatures of habit and so this one-off mixing up of the schedule was designed to ensnare new listeners who may have tuned in at a certain time of day just out of habit and who then got to enjoy/endure a different programme or maybe it was an experiment in how to manage change with your loyal listeners by either preparing them for change or letting them know the station is headhunting a different listener demographic.


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