A Second Bite Of The Apple TV?

Back in the mists of time when all computers were beige except for the ones that were black Apple computer made an all-in-one affair called the Mac TV (or Power Mac 5500 for the model number obsessives). It had a TV tuner. It could record video. Some even had an FM tuner. Oh it had a modem too which slotted in the same place as the tuner so if you wanted to watch TV and be online you were out of luck.

It was a hernia inducing heavy. The kind of object that would be guaranteed to cause serious damage if hurled by a passing rock star from a hotel window (when did rock stars stop hurling TV sets from hotel windows?).

At the time nobody really wanted to watch TV on their computer or vice versa but sometimes you’ve got to try these things especially if people still think beige or black is pushing the choice envelope as far as it can go.

Many former owners say it was the worst Mac they ever owned.

Now the rumour is that Apple may want to release a TV. In a world of increasingly interconnected media devices it could be a good move especially if it has iOS built in. Heaven knows it might even revitalise the design of TV sets (even Bang and Olufson sets are just black these days).

Wikimedia image courtesy of Ben Boldt


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