Remember You’re A Womble

I do love making use of the things others discard. I’m a latter day Womble (I can hear voices from the back saying ‘we know’).

Other Peoples’ Old New Stuff

I don’t have the need to print very often but obviously there are times when it is needed. I’ve been running a second hand mono laser printer for *ahem* years now without the need to replace the toner (ah that irritating pungent smell of toner in the morning).

Yesterday I was gifted up a barely used network colour laser printer being discarded because the owner said they could no longer afford to fuel it. That may well be the case if they were looking at buying original toner cartridges but there are ways and means to refill these beasts without going broke via toner refill services. Anyway hopefully I’ll give it a test and a refill before passing it on again.

Set Me Free… Only Slowly

I’d also picked up a rather swish ex-business standalone hardware ethernet voip phone during the winter but sadly it wasn’t responding to the default password to access the web interface for changing the settings. I’d emailed the maker of the phone several times but received no reply regarding any known procedure for reseting the phone to factory settings.

Out of the blue last week I finally got a reply detailing the suggested reset procedure which amazingly worked. Patience is a virtue.

Made The Upgrade

In other news I should be upgrading my mobile phone from a twelve year old model to a five year old model sometime this coming week.

I know it’s upgrade madness.

Image by kluens under this creative commons licence


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