Tape Archive: Phone-In January 17th 1983

[audio https://stuffem.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/robbie-vincent-phone-in-1983.mp3]

Here’s something I’ve meant to share or a while. It’s part of a radio phone which I date as Monday January 17th 1983. It’s interesting as a historical piece as it’s a small window on the cultural  changes in our society revealed by both the host and the ordinary public calling in to comment.

There’s a slight topical link here with regard to the recent riots in Tottenham, London prompted by a shooting by the police. This recording references the mistaken shooting of Stephen Waldorf on January 14th 1983 by police on the streets of Kensignton, London.

Also referenced is the public’s opinion on the launch of breakfast television on the BBC which happened that very morning.

Oh and no surprise in the traffic report which tells us that the Blackwall tunnel is yet again closed.

The host is Robbie Vincent.

An AAC+ encoded version (size:7.5Mb) is available here.

Image by Affendaddy under this creative commons licence


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