TOTP 76 -The Hits And The Misses And The Lack Of Memory

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I’ve been tuning in to the run of Top Of The Pops repeats from 1976 that BBC Four have dusted down. It’s been interesting for me as I was a young one at the time and had assumed my interest in popular music would have had me glued to the weekly chart run down but I’ve been taken aback at how genuinely new many of the acts were to me.


Endless ‘who?’ moments each week reveal I must have had much better things to do as the hot summer of ’76 turned the grass yellow. I’m not alone in my exclamations of ‘why don’t I remember this?’ as the simultaneous Twitter stream tells much the same story. Was it all just so bad to commit to memory?

Pre Punk Pap

It’s been a gentle reminder of how dire popular music had become by 1976 and why punk probably had to happen later that year (though there would be a considerable delay before it was reflected in such a mainstream programme as Top Of The Pops).


The curious aspect of the repeats is that the Beeb are showing an edited half hour version in the evening and the full version complete with the two cut acts from the earlier edited version after at 1AM. Can we not spare the extra ten minutes in the schedule during the evening?

Other edits have taken place that don’t even make it to the full version repeat such as the billed appearance of Jonathan King which was clearly seen as too controversial to include in the light of his subsequent misdemeanours. Pop History with modern day revisions.



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