Frozen Batteries Live Again (Sometimes)

All things must die. Eventually. Other things die too early. Other things are just playing dead temporarily. Some things can be revived.

And so it seemingly was with a mobile phone battery which just wasn’t accepting a charge anymore. For a long time I’d assumed the phone’s charging system had packed up and very nearly bought an external dedicated battery charger to allow charging of the battery outside of the camera. Then I went a little funny in the head. Yes a little more funny in the head than I perhaps usually am.

I put the battery in the freezer. For five days.

I’d heard of this act of desperate revival for years but kind of dismissed it as an urban myth or at best a slightly dangerous move which indeed it can be.Batteries can explode if care is not taken.

I wrapped mine in newspaper and then wrapped plastic around that and placed it in the bottom of the freezer compartment.After five days I removed it and placed it in a box outside to thaw out. Once thawed I then tested it in the camera and lo and behold the battery had started to accept a charge so I hooked it up to the timer for a scheduled overnight charge (cheaper night electric rates and all that).

This morning the battery was showing 100% charged and it’s not discharging rapidly on use of the camera.

Miracles do happen.Well planned ones do anyway.

Image by trekkyandy under this creative commons licence


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