VHS In Amber

My Dad keeps a lot of stuff. Receipts going back decades. And manuals too.Even if the item is long gone from existence. Here’s a scan of one such manual he’s kept dutifully in a draw for safe keeping. It’s their/our first ever video recorder.It was a rental model circa 1980 I think. I believe it’s basically a generic re-badging of a JVC model. My memory of it was that it was a very heavy clunky affair. Certainly no remote control. Dad also has a receipt for the first blank tape purchased for this which cost a whopping £13 from W H Smith.


2 thoughts on “VHS In Amber

  1. Definitely an early JVC: their first VHS machine had exactly those same transport controls. If it’s anything like my first Beta recorder (a rebadged Sanyo) of similar vintage, it weighted somewhere around 20 kg. I did, however, have a remote – though it was a wired remote that plugged into the front somewhere.

  2. Hi CG-Certainly a heavy thing, yes. I feel a Monty Pythonesque 4 Yorkshireman response coming on re the remote control: ‘Remote control? Course we had it tough and used to dream of such luxuries’. 😉

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