BBC News – HS2: High-speed rail go-ahead prompts mixed reaction.

Care to imagine the price of a rail ticket by the time HS2 eventuates (15 years hence)? We’ll be selling our body parts just to afford a return ticket.


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  1. Really? We often ride the HS1 and it’s a very good service. The difference in price isn’t enough to deter us price-conscience travellers. Is there any reason to believe that HS2 will be hugely more expensive? Why should it be?

    The only downside of HS1 is that we were often alone in the pleasantly styled carriages but now the service is coming to be better known, the trains are becoming more crowded. People are voting with their bottoms.

    While the introduction of new lines is always going to be controversial (the “not in my backyard” syndrome, for example), rail travel is something this country should invest in for ecological and other reasons and in order to compete with air travel, it needs to be fast.

    I think a lot of the criticism of HS2 has nothing to do with real practicalities and a lot to do with conservative minds that evince knee-jerk opposition to anything new.

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