“A Rip Off On A Massive Scale”

Canadian members are parliament seem to be onto a good thing. Remuneration in excess of £100,000 and a gold plated pension (payable in full at aged 55) to which the Canadian tax payer contributes more than the MP themselves. Funny how the act of politicians looking after themselves much better than the people they serve is a near universal experience.

The Canadian tax payers association has described this as a “rip off on a massive scale”. Now who do Canadian need to turn to in order to get this state of affairs changed? Oh it’s their respective MP. Oh dear.

MP pensions ‘a ripoff on a massive scale’
Ottawa Citizen
19 Jan 2012

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it’s high time MPS stopped making Canadians pick up the tab for their “gold-plated” pension plan. “This is a ripoff on a massive scale,” the advocacy group’s federal director, Gregory Thomas, said at a news…read more…


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