Cash For Clippings?

Council proposes £25 fee to empty your green bin – Local – Stamford Mercury.

South Kesteven district council (Conservative) in Lincolnshire, UK  is proposing a £25 annual charge to households in order for their garden waste bin to be emptied. This charge, they claim, will help keep the council tax at it’s current rate by making green waste collection an optional extra charge.

Can we envisage a time when similar services are broken down by individual costs? Those that can’t or won’t pay won’t get the service.

This proposed green wast charge is not as high as East Northamptonshire council who contracted out their service to a private contractor which charges £14.40 to join the collection service with a £58.20 annual charge.

The thin end of a very sharp wedge? Very probably. But local authorities are having to question what are the core services that can be funded by ever smaller budgets and what they can now only offer as optional chargeable extras.

Image adapted from an original by harry harris under this creative commons licence


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