VOIP via your landline

I’ve recently helped  a relative add a carrier pre select option to their BT landline phone service. In a nutshell it means the outgoing calls are handled and charged by another company, in this case a voip provider, whilst the incoming calls remain with BT.

OK so the legacy  BT monthly line charge remains but call rates are now charged at voip rates with the option to revert back to BT for the outgoing calls whenever needed (eg: free calls at the weekend or the maybe even the 3.5p per min to mobiles after 7pm).Emergency calls are always made via BT.

When carrier pre select was introduced it was meant to allow the caller to have complete control over how their calls are routed. So mobile calls could be made through one providor, overseas calls through another,local calls through a third etc.The user could mix and match the best services and call rates. In reality carrier pre select still requires a third party to set these things up and this option isn’t even really that well known outside of some business user circles. In this case it has allowed access to low voip rate calls to local and overseas locations for outgoing calls that will dramatically lower the quarterly phone bill. And without the need to obtain an Internet connection or change the existing phone hardware or the existing phone number.

CPS enables the stability of the landline with the ability to obtain voip calling rates without having to have an always on broadband connection and a hardware voip phone.

It’s a hybrid service that’s a good fit for many people. It should be more well known about.

Image by voxphoto under this creative commons licence


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