Local supermarket good causes area shows giving to  a charity helping the terminally ill  way more popular a cause than a social enterprise to help the homeless & socially excluded. Not saying that’s wrong. Just an observation in passing.


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    • Hi Graham. The shoppers don’t donate any of their own money.Local good causes are put on a board behind the checkouts with a clear perspex bin below each cause (with description of what they do). Green plastic tokens are available at each checkout & shoppers drop them in the container of the cause they wish the supermarket to contribute to. So the supermarket are donating (albeit an unspecified amount) by percentage of hope shoppers ‘vote’. I can’t quite work out if this is fair or a crude X factor style way of deciding which good causes get some cash.

  1. It’s always going to go to the lowest common denominator. And causes for homeless and socially excluded, are almost by definition going to be the losers in this X Factor style way of deciding. Also, if the progress is visible, I think there’s a pscycological factor at play of going with the herd. Someone needs to do some organizing and get the message out there to shoppers who can make a difference, to make it fairer.

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