Giant human hamster confinement situation

Do you know those huge human hamster balls? The large translucent inflated balls that people get inside and roll around for fun in? I dreamt I was in a similar contraption. Larger than a house but less translucent and from the inside more angular. Only a fraction of the outside light filtered in through the swirly multicoloured fabric skin.

I spent a lot of the time straining to see in the dim light and squinting to the fabric skin. I could see the covering flexing from the light winds outside and could hear the fabric flutter. I waited expectantly for the angular structure to start to roll as per a human hamster ball but was intrigued as to how I would move around as the solitary inhabitant of the structure.

Despite the constraints I felt fine about where I was with only a hint of uncertainty about the future.

Image original by Jeff Youngstrom under this creative commons licence


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