A draw full of expired film

One of the inevitable(?) flip sides of the growth and widespread acceptance  of digital photography is that the decline of film creates daft asking prices for that which is now both scarce but a little exclusive.

Searching for expired film on eBay shows how that draw full of forgotten and unused film that’s well passed its use by date is a highly desirable item for lo-fi lomography photographers. Even Lomo themselves offer a brand of 35mm tungsten balanced film rumoured to be sourced from existing stocks of expired or end of line 35mm film stock. And priced accordingly.

Of course if you still like to drop a batch of analogue unpredictability into your photography you could just pick up a box of that £1 film from a pound shop and just wait for it to expire. Or stress it out a bit by running it through the dishwasher cycle as suggested over on instructables.

One of the most intriguing photography stock alternatives is the re-purposing of current and out of date stock of microfilm in your analogue camera. Don’t knock microfilm by the way as it’s still being used as the safest long term storage option for archiving digital documents due to its long term storage capability being measured in the hundred of years.

Niche obsolescence throws up some interesting options.

Original image by .Castor under this creative commons licence


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