The benign Pez vibe and happy checkouts

Pez was everywhere when I was very small. These days the only place I see the stylised sweet dispenser is at the checkout of our local Iceland store (yes I shop at Iceland. Judge me not).

By the way the checkout staff always seem to be having a laugh. That’s some going for a job I’ve never envied. It’s often a more post traumatic stress vibe at the larger Supermarket checkouts.

Some of the checkout staff look as if they are, given half a chance, on the verge of bludgeoning some customers with a suitably weighty block of plastic wrapped cheese to the point where identifying the body from dental records alone would not be possible. They must have to deal with some right awkward types that would test the patience of a saint on Valium.

Checkout atmosphere (if we can assign it a dull management speak pseudo buzzword type description) isn’t just down to friendly small store vs oppressive mega corporate staff flogger stores. I’ve been in small stores where checkout chuckles would probably grant you a rapid demotion to unemployee of the month.

I don’t want to get drawn into a fanciful Pez on the checkout equals subtle benign influence theory but so far Pez dispensers and happy checkout staff scores wholly unscientific points on my improbable causes tally sheet.

Original image by SunCat under this creative commons licence


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