An Altered Eden

My dream last night must surely be a film I’ve seen or book I’ve read. If not then it’s surely an amalgam.

First contact with extra terrestrials is made though not face to face. The Earth is overcrowded and overpopulated. War and violence regularly breakout though an elite live in relative normality.

Mistrust of the voices from the stars dissipates as they share their advice on how to solve environmental problems and cure serious disease. The population rises to even greater numbers and it’s clear that the Earth cannot house so many. The extra terrestrials offer to re-home many on an new Earth-like planet in another galaxy. In fighting for places is extraordinarily fierce and soon those that shouted the loudest gain their places.

We all watch as the self elected ones take their seats in alien designed  machines where they will be broken down into atoms and transported in the blink of an eye to an new home.  A new world. A fresh start. This would leave our Earth with sustainable numbers. If the population bloomed then the aliens would re-home a percentage again.

But the process was corrupted by own own engineering interpretation skills. There were errors we made in building the transportation devices from the plans supplied by the aliens. As a consequence information became garbled and the atomised individuals were never reassembled entirely correctly on their destination new Eden. A new Earth begins with millions disabled and disfigured by the mistakes in the planning of their journey.

Image by taratar69 under this creative commons licence


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