The Gas And Electricity Game

It’s energy bill time so we’ve submitted our readings online. The total bills for the last quarter are £24.57 for gas and £40.26 for the electricity all inclusive. In this age of ever rising bills that’s reasonably good considering the place is rarely empty in the daytime.

The low gas bill is about right for the summer months where it’s only on to heat the hot water and for cooking.

I’ve taken those results and gone onto one of those (in my humble opinion) dubious supplier switching comparison web  sites which (to their credit) tell me I’m already getting the best deal for my level of energy consumption but if I’d like to pay £151 more for the privilege then we could change to, for example British Gas right away. No thanks.

There are providers whose price per kWh on paper is lower than what I’m charged (the few that don’t charge more for the first x amount of energy consumed each quarter that is) but once we factor in their standing charge then it’s more expensive.

The Bank of England has indicated that it expects another round of energy price rises this winter whilst others seem to predict price reductions (I’d love to know what the latter sooth sayers are smoking but maybe we’ll be surprised).

We’re lowish energy consumers despite constant computer and gadget use.

Our current UK energy provider is Ebico.

We’d love to be more energy self sufficient.

Image by dibytes under this creative commons licence


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