Running To The Dead City

This may be a repeat dream. It feels kind of familiar. London is surrounded by a wall and largely abandoned. I’m one of a small number who regularly gain access to the abandoned city via various burrowed tunnels. We have to be quick as there’s a low level exposure danger to being in London that isn’t specified.

We emerge by Marble Arch. There is much that is boarded up but dilapidated. All sounds are deadened in a similar way to the way snow deadens the passage of sound. Shouting out does not seem to carry the voice and an eerie silence pervades.

Night seems to fall at different times to the areas outside of the quarantine which puzzles us greatly. In time we find we’re spending so long in the abandoned city that we are deemed too tainted to stay in the world outside the city by the authorities so spend our lives in a no mans land between the two, the tunnels below and the fringes of the quarantined area.

Image by J@ck! under this creative commons licence


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