Bowie Fashion Changes via The V and A

David Bowie may have gone into family seclusion these days but his influence is still being felt. The Victoria And Albert museum in London is to document the fashion aspect of his long career via an exhibition of his clothing worn throughout his career.

Bowie is not involved in the choices to be put on display.

“Contrary to recently published reports relating to the announcement by the V&A of an upcoming David Bowie Exhibition, I am not a co-curator and did not participate in any decisions relating to the exhibition,” says a statement issued by the singer.

“The David Bowie Archive gave unprecedented access to the V&A and museum’s curators have made all curatorial and design choices.”

“A close friend of mine tells me that I am neither ‘devastated’, ‘heartbroken’ nor ‘uncontrollably furious’ by this news item.”

Got to recommend LG73’s RaMOANa Experience Bowie centred radio prog by the way. If you’re a Bowie appreciator then it’s well worth a listen (UK times are 7-10pm UK BST Tuesdays, repeated Thursdays from 11pm BST and again on Fridays at 9pm and then a final repeat on Tuesdays from 4-7pm before the next live version – so that’s 6 hours of Bowie on a Tuesday really).

Image by Griggzz under this creative commons licence


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