The selfish shall inherit the Earth because they shouted the loudest

Great. Started the day by reading a comment on the BBC Have Your Say section of the news website where a contributor was suggesting that disabled people should not be allowed to vote.

Why is it in life that it’s the selfish w***ers who seem to be the ones shouting the loudest and often attain positions of power whilst those advocating the treating of everyone as equal are somehow seen as the dangerous ones?

Is being selfish an easier credo to grasp and embrace than the one that says everyone should be treated equally? (Well, Duuuuh!)

I respect the commentators right to say what he or she believes. But what they are saying makes them sound like a complete t***er. Sad thing is that they are not alone in their viewpoint. That a sizeable number of people start to believe something does not automatically make it right.

I’ve never been a misanthrope but some people can be very very testing in terms of nudging me closer to such a outlook.


One thought on “The selfish shall inherit the Earth because they shouted the loudest

  1. People are by nature selfish and narrow-minded and seek relief from their personal demons by attacking others, preferably those less able to fight back. There are times when, understandably, one feels disheartrened, disillusioned with the human race.

    Looking at it from the opposite point of view, though, how marvellous it is, given the initial conditions, that there is actually so much good in the world, that there are so many people doing good and kind things to others. (I have been the grateful recipient of such benevolence myself in recent days.) The nasty people don’t have it all their own way; it only seems so in our most depressed moments because, as you say, they shout so loudly.

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