It’s been a long time since ITV got serious about weekday comedy. Vicious has seemed to divide opinion. It feels old fashioned in many ways. Some are uncomfortable with Derek Jacobi’s decision to play it screamingly camp and there was in the very first episode a very poorly judged gag about being raped uttered by Francis de la Tour’s character.

That aside it’s a campy bit of fun with two very well known actors, Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, who also happen to be gay playing a long term gay couple with bitchy lines for laughs. It’s a series of very fixed scenes. Very much like watching a play. So it’s old fashioned in that sense but why blow the budget on elaborate exterior scenes when it’s all about the verbal wordplay between two people.

Shame about the call on the rape line.That really was out of order for me.  But so far it’s way better than the lamentable The Wright Way, Ben Elton’s latest offering over on the Beeb which really does smell of old mothballs (sorry Mr E- time to collaborate perhaps?).


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