BoJo Says Bye Bye Earls Court


London Mayor BoJo has apparently approved the demolition of the Earls Court Exhibition centre to make way for a series of small “villages” (how quaint) consisting of housing, shops and a high street (Ah consumerism-the heart of a community eh?). Up to  7,500 homes (is there really room there to cram in that number of unaffordable homes? I’m guessing spacious will not be the design norm here thought that figure includes development extending into West Kensington) will be part of what will replace the iconic London landmark known for hosting Exhibitions such as The Ideal Home Show, The Brit Awards and much less suitably as a music venue.

Its as the latter that I’m most familiar with Earls Court. Back in the day I’m sorry to say I’ve experienced the giant bathroom effect that made so many a gig back then a state of affairs where you’d often turn to people around you to help clarify exactly what well known track the artist or band was currently murdering as you just couldn’t decipher it from the multiple conflicting and unsynchronised reverberations pinging around the cavernous venue.

We’ll miss when it’s gone. Will we get housing for the many in its place? 

Original image by the_whiteness under this creative commons licence.


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