Way Of The West

Funny how a much loved tune of old returns to the rota of earworms. Was twiddling the digital dial and bang there she blew again (that’s a mixed metaphor that doesn’t warrant too much examination). Of course I went searching for more info just because I am my own sad semantic search engine. An interesting story and shows how many bands from that era don’t get to own their own songs or have much of a say regarding their continuing availability. Such is the conflict of art and business.

Oh and by the way, wasn’t this used as the theme to 80’s music proglette ‘8 day a week’ hosted by Robin Denslow back in what now passes as the day?


4 thoughts on “Way Of The West

  1. Thank you. That link used up an hour of my otherwise dull day. Really interesting – I knew almost nothing about the band except that I love the 12″ version of DSTJFWB which I still own, £1.99 from Our Price in 1980.

    • Ha. Presumably it still has the £1.99 Our Price sticker on it hence the accuracy re price? An hour well wasted I say. Treasure that twelve incher (as they say).

      • I could try claiming I remembered what I paid for it, but yes, it has a sticker on it 🙂 B side is ‘Prove It’, which I would with a photo of the rather cool sleeve and rather cool label, except I cannot attach photos to comments 🙂

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