Dead Rock Stars Trapped In A Classic Mixing Desk



A dream: I stumbled onto a seminar that  initially thought was a trade workshop for those in the recording and audio industry. Many people were crammed into a narrow, low ceiling room with spot lighting. The centre of their attention was a large but dated audio mixing desk. There was an implication that its vintage and pedigree was such that many iconic musicians had channelled their art through this equipment.

Slowly it dawned on me that the workshop attendees were not audio types at all. They were psychics, mediums and the like.

Then it was revealed that this particular mixing desk contained the disembodied voices of now dead musicians. On different channels were the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Janis Joplin, Prince etc. Push up a fader and their voice just mid conversation was heard. Often it was one half of a conversation. We couldn’t hear the other half until it was surmised that the other half of any conversation might be on one of the other faders.

Excitement in the room grew as a handful of intuitive people realised that by patching the desk in various ways they could enable groups of musicians to talk to one another.

Slowly it dawned on us all that we might be able to patch in our own voices and talk to these dead rock stars or even collaborate musically with them.

Image by Chrisjtse under this creative commons licence


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