From the vantage point of a collapsing fence


First off ; I am literally sick of sliding into yet another cold. I vow to never leave my cave and be in the company of other germ hosts ever again.

Happy fence sitting days

That aside, I sit upon my crumbling fence re Brexit. I try to see both sides. The negative is a right old kerfuffle of crap incoming as we mismanage our way out of a paper bag. The British are, in my humble opinion, amongst the worst managers on the face of this blue-green marble of exploitation. And Brexit just proves how many back seat drivers we have full to the gills with unfounded opinion and good old fashioned BS.

Oh, as an aside (momentary tangent alert) just imagine if Britain went the way of the Swiss and embraced fervent regular referanda. Jesus H. Christ we’d be fighting in the streets. Or more likely picking fights in the nine-items-or-less aisles in the supermarket (oh and the rise of self checkouts, again spectacularly mismanaged in grand British style is an extension of how much the English, at least, just hate interaction with other people). How Napoleon came to describe us as a nature of shop keepers is beyond me.

Disinterested and poorly paid organic robots more disposed to chatting amongst themselves to ease the numbing nihilism rather than attempt cheerful interaction with passive aggressive members of the public who, if armed, would bludgeon their way through any supermarket in order to get their aching and howling   dissatisfaction with everything out of their system.

So Brexit then. To try and grasp the positives. It’s a protest vote. Against elites. Against facts. Pro feelings, anti facts. In that sense it’s very much surfing the new populism. Fingers in our ears, eyes closed whilst shouting “La la la” to avoid hearing the facts.None of us has a crystal ball and if we do then confirmation bias distorts all it reveals to us about the future.

Behold the crystal ball of bollocks

But maybe, just maybe, if a poorer standard of living is accepted as a result and if Britain becomes a less attractive place for the churn of migration, which clearly some Brits are mighty ill-at-ease about then perhaps we’ll wean ourselves off the nipple (OK advanced formula substitute milk) of the mantra of continuous growth.

German comedy ambassador Henning Wehn

As the beloved German comedian Henning Wehn pointed out that Germans haven’t normalised swearing as an extension of enthusiasm in the workplace  as the Brits have because in Germany “everything works”

Now clearly capitalism isn’t about to fall but its reputation is somewhat dented and an extension of the Brexit vote in the slightly illusory  opinion that governments care about those they allegedly serve. But maybe Brexit is the start of adapting to a post industrial society. Shooting ourselves in the foot to stop the march of globalism. Or wounding ourselves enough just to stop being part of the race. Who knows?

Life is a maze & we are the blind mice

All I know is that we cannot be sure of anything but that cherry picking facts or worse ignoring reality is no panacea for the future. If your future is pinned on politics and the result of just one referendum then you’re going to be disappointed. Equally thwarting those you disagree with ideologically can blow up in your face if you cling to this dualistic view of everything. Life is way too random for that flavour of delusion.

Wenning Wehn image by Isabelle under this creative commons license

Frankie & Bingo on a fence image by Maria Johnson under this creative commons license

Maze image by Micahel Coughlan under this creative commons license

Crystal ball image by A.P. Photography under this creative commons license


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