Rock Docs And Cringeworthy Demographic Signalling


I love a good music documentary especially a meander through the career of any artist of note and longevity but one of the eternal annoyances in latter years is the seeming need to insert a flavour of the moment artist suddenly saying that this old foggie has been such an influence on them.

The folly of this attempt to keep a documentary relevant to the youth demographic is when said film is repeated five years later or preserved in digital amber on youtube when the youth artist of the month pops up and you think “what happened to them?” or worse still, “who?”

There yesterday, gone today. There will be no career spanning documentary on their brief time in the sun but future generations will eternally puzzle as to their identity or try hard to remember their one big hit from way back when all those days half a decade ago or more.

It’s a wonder they don’t keep re-editing current wunderkind into the edit slot of the former washed up pop pretender within the same rock doc.

It’s almost as cringeworthy as when politicians are briefed to pretend they are in touch with youth culture and start citing artists they’ve never heard of into interviews.

Both are merely false demographic signalling. Do us all a favour and just cut it out.


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