A Sideline In Timelines

I’ve recently started a new blog elsewhere to indulge my penchant for trying out different web based tools. I’d usually happily contain those ideas here but WordPress.com is understandably a little choosy about the type of html code it allows on its blogging platform therefore embedded flash and java script based technologies are currently not permitted unless via a small number of limited partners.


So for anyone that’s interested I now have a companion blog called Timelines that is mostly about exploiting various visual ways of presenting information in an interactive way with audio visual and linked elements. I welcome submissions and collaborations. It’s primarily a light hearted playground & scratchpad for ideas & I may link there for various posts that I think could be presented differently.

For example I have presented the many blog posts here in one timeline and the various tape archive posts are able to be explored via another whilst a history of electronic music (ongoing) was started here.

Heres’ to diversification.




Say Hello To Microblogging

Aside from blogging here on wordpress I do enjoy a certain ammount of microblogging on twitter, pownce and tumblr as an outlet for the random smaller and sometimes more personal thoughts.
The process has been made a lot easier by using the Hello Txt service that allows selective or simultaneous posting across a variety of microblogging services.
A mobile version is in the works and currently available via a limited number of invite codes.

Hello Txt

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Updated Podcast Feed

Tunes Stuff

I’ve re-jigged the podcast feed address for the various audio files of the Tape Archive which enables the download of audio files via iTunes, Songbird or other podcast software of choice. I’ve discontinued the rich media feed in order to ensure the ability for new podcast subscribers to obtain the full history of audio posts.If you subscribed via the old address then please update your settings.

Podcast subscription

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A Year Of Stuffem

[rockyou id=96198912&w=426&h=319]

A Year old Today
This ‘umble blog set sail on blogging seas a year ago today. Maybe it tells you more about how I spend Xmas or maybe that time presented me with an ideal opportunity to start something new. I’ve blogged in other places but this has been the first blog that’s had an intentionally loose remit which is probably why I haven’t abandoned it like some others in the past.

I’d like to thank all of the other passing ships that have stopped off for a while to sample some of the content especially those that leave comments, and suggestions.I’ve got a shallow kind of buzz from the times when some of my comments on current affairs have been linked to by some old media websites including Le Monde (I nearly fainted), Channel 4 news (I know) and more recently CNN Europe (say wha…). It just goes to show how much the old media reaches out into the blogosphere for comment and complimentary content.

Tape Archive
I’ve been especially pleased to find an outlet for the ongoing digitisation of a legacy tape archive though I didn’t really make a dent in that area until June and hope to get back to adding to it over this Xmas period (It’s amazing that analogue tapes that are over 25 years old play perfectly when I can’t even play DVD’s burned a few months ago.Progress?)

No doubt blogs and blogging will continue to evolve, diversify and mutate and while I can still find things do get enthused, annoyed or passionate about then I’ll probably pursue an outlet to record my thoughts in one way or another.It’s always an added bonus if others stop by and appreciate any public content.

Learning Curve Continues
Looking back over what I’ve posted over the last 12 months has reminded me of the large amount of content subject that I wanted to write about but didn’t so note to self: must do better. It’s been a good learning curve and I’m still learning, revising and refining.

Here’s to year two.


I’ve made a PDF of some of the things I feel I’ve learned in here blogging over the past 12 months together with the tools I’ve used so please feel free to download from here.


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Blogger Commenting Changes Again

Commenting on blogs outside of your chosen host can sometimes be a frustrating business. Blogger has certainlyBlogger comments been testing my patience lately. I used to be able, where the blog owner had allowed, to leave comments linked back to my WordPress blog and then it changed again and I could only comment anonymously or via my Google login which linked back to a previous defunct blog hosted on Blogger that I used to post to. Now finally (again only where the blog owner has allowed) I can comment on Blogger from a narrow clutch of different blog or other Internet identities including WordPress with the ability to use my openID login if required. Thanks Blogger, it’s good too see you realise that many of us want to comment on and receive comments from blogs hosted on platforms other than our own chosen blog host though this is more restrictive than an option that had been in place previously.

I hope other blogging and social networking sites continue to allow a greater degree of comment transparency.

Where to get an OpenID
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Weblog 10 Today

Robot WisdomThe word Weblog is apparently 10 years old today.Originally coined to describe a web site that logged other web sites it would eventually morph into the word blog and was used by one Jorn Barger to describe what he was doing with his Robot Wisdom web page.

Today the on-line journal has evolved and is complimented by other online services that incorporate or compliment blogging and these days can still be as simple (or even annoying) as a site that links or crawls other blogs and website content through to containing a diverse range of original magazine-esque (in a student magazine niche way) content with photos, audio, video and interactivity.

Happy Anniversary Weblog.


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