Stats And Happiness In England

For whatever reason I was looking at Rightmove’s annual happiness index related to where you live in the UK. First off a huge “What the actual ***” moment for Luton, a down-at-heal town forever rubbished, scorned, derided and snubbed ,multi-time winner of Britain’s Crappiest town seems to score highly on overall happiness despite how many…

Smalls Support

Colyton airs laundry in support of washing line mum — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) June 12, 2018 Gotta love a little kickback against a smidgen of social snobbery

Downhill To Everything Xmas

Marketing Meeting: – 'Every department must fully exploit Christmas. I mean EVERY department.'– But boss…– 'DO IT' — James Herring (@itsjamesherring) November 6, 2016

Sugar Coated Haiku

Those sweet sugar dreams / now rot the teeth of toddlers / sweet tooth to toothless

Gendered Teachings Of Buddha Or Man?

Another year limps into view bringing a sense of trepidation mingled with inevitability. I’m about eight months into weekly Buddhist training and this week revealed the inevitable sexist leanings of the culture that Buddhism began in where the Buddha had be cajoled into accepting that women could become a nun after initially refusing albeit with…