It’s Nice When You’re Popular

leowiggles“…I just love this place and everything about it. It’s nice when you’re popular because it does kind of influence you to think ‘they all want me here”

Leo Sayer on finally becoming an Australian citizen.

Picture of Leo Sayer dancing with The Wiggles by boatload under this creative commons license


Live From Norwich It’s The Ad Of The Week

This advert seems incredibly over the top and features famous faces who really should know better.We stand open mouthed as we soon realise it’s merely announcing that the insurance company Norwich Union is changing its name to something confusingly forgettable.

Radio Ga Ga

channel4radio.comImage by dan taylor via Flickr


It’s often been said that commercial radio in the UK can never hope to compete with the license fee financed BBC radio stations and that it would be nigh impossible for a commercial radio station to take on the likes of radio 4.However Channel 4 had planned to do just that and had been granted channel space on the DAB radio service as a majority shareholder of a consortium that included  BSkyB, Carphone Warehouse, Bauer Radio and UTV Radio who own TalkSport.

Bits And Pieces

Dab radio is split into various multiplexes. The BBC has one of these and fills it with 11 digital radio stations. The other multiplex is joint owned by Global Radio and Arqiva and is there to accommodate the commercial radio sector.

Radio Recession

Over the past year the number of stations on this multiplex has dwindled to just four as falling advertising revenues, a slow down in the public take up of DAB radio sets and the high carriage costs charged by Arqiva have forced many commercial radio stations to question the commercial viability of the DAB platform.
I’ve always been a big radio listener and we’ve probably been spoilt by the quality and output of BBC radio stations and their increasing prominence too within the BBC iPlayer which frees many of us from the need to catch all programmes as they go out.


It’s a great shame that DAB radio now looks lacklustre and less than cutting edge as promises of better quality were undermined by cutting bandwidth in order to cram  more stations into what is now a very dated technology choice (mp2 audio) and a decision to replace this system with a bandwidth friendly and more cost friendly AAC+ system now seems dead in the water as sale of DAB sets remains stagnant despite high initial take up.


Some European countries have added digital radio alongside existing analogue channels (FM+) by broadcasting the digital signal as part of the FM sub carrier in order to keep the cost of offering digital radio as low as possible .

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Hole In The Wall

I accidentally caught the BBC putting out their version of this Japanese game show format and sat for a while transfixed at how unremittingly lowest common denominator it was for the BBC.

I was thinking ‘how very ITV’ before finding out it was made for the BBC by Thames Television(now a production company). Charlie Brooker, via his Screenburn column described it much better than I ever could.

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Do The Juicing

Much as I abhore the whoring of music in the name of pushing a commercial product I am partial to this little 30 second ditty used in the name of a certain sweet fruity drink. The Music is by Chris Baker, originally one half of Mint Royale whose ‘singing in the rain’ remix was used a few years ago in a VW advert and which topped the British charts a short while ago thanks to its reinterpretation by the winning ‘Britain’s got talent‘ contestant (does trying to copy an advert count as a talent now?).

Audio only:

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