Another One Said Brenda

Don't get weighed down by the amount of lemons life is pelting you with, just take a few, no more than you can handle & see if you really need all the others! Choose your battles wisely, just like lemons you don't need that many!#BlurtChats 🙂 x — Nicola Tirrell (@njtirrell) July 10, 2018

Class Minded

Class is still written into our psychology – working class folk are more empathic, selfless, vigilant and fatalistic — BPS Research Digest (@ResearchDigest) May 19, 2018

No Time Time

Today was a ‘taster’ day or rather an assessment of suitability for accessing adult day care for dementia Mum. Providing Mum with enough mental stimulation is perhaps where I worry I can’t quite match up. We were never super close. She was always a glass half empty person. She never really had hobbies and the…

Mental Health Awareness Week Ahead #MHAW16

View this post on Instagram Relationships matter. These are the connections we share with friends, family and our community. This Mental Health Awareness Week let's celebrate the people who support us and those we support in return. #MHAW16 #mentalhealth A post shared by Mental Health Foundation (@mentalhealthfoundation) on May 13, 2016 at 9:34am PDT

Still Fudging Mental Health Funding

Government not funding comprehensive max waiting time standards in mental health – so discrimination will continue — Norman Lamb (@normanlamb) March 29, 2016 #Mentalhealth: 25% of disease burden; but only 13% of #NHS spending and 6.5% of research funding; Parity of esteem? — James Murray (@drjameslmurray) March 28, 2016