Hmmmm…If Ikea Made Hi-Fi…Oh!


I was musing to myself that the return of vinyl records and turntables would be just the kind of thing that I’d expect Ikea to jump on. I imagined an Ikea made turntable that matched their minimalist furniture offerings, probably with an unpronounceable (unless you are Swedish) name and was placed strategically in that Ikea meets the Crystal Maze type showroom that you can never escape.

Then I realised that Ikea had already started making bluetooth speakers so maybe, I thought, my fanciful random thought wasn’t too far of the mark.

And then I searched a bit more…and…


Print My House

3D printing is the technology that still makes me go “they can do that?”. A technology that gets me acting all “senior moment”. That aside, I genuinely marvel at what may be possible even if, from a distance, it seems like we’re making this stuff out of thin air (I know we’re not but it just seems that way sometimes).

Choose Your Weapon of Tape