Vintage Sounding

These hand-me-down cans have been languishing unloved for decades. The original owner’s pipe smoke smell has finally half-lifed so put them on for a listen. Very comfortable to wear and quite a smooth old school sound I guess. Smooth, not fatiguing or over emphasised at either end of the spectrum with some mid frequency colour…

The Art Of Last

My late Dad was a James Last listener. I think I developed a respect along with a wry amusement for the album covers.

70’s Cereal Creates Charity Cash

Hundreds raised on eBay after shop’s discovery of 40-year-old cereal – Home – The Comet. What was I saying about the high price of Nostalgia? Still at least the money is going to a some good causes.No expiry dates you’ll notice.


This vintage cassette was sitting in a drawer at my parents.Must be circa early to mid 70’s.

Tape Archive: From Beyond The Grave

Some years ago I digitally cleaned an old vinyl record that had seen better days. It was scratched and worn but I was able to get most of the worst clicks and pops out. After all that work on someone’s behalf I find that the recordings are now available via i-Tunes and there are mp3…

Pop Decadence

Can – Don’t say No More German experimentation from 1977 I’ve been enjoying the ongoing Pop on trial programmes on BBC4 (still available via the BBC iPlayer)which is attempting to find the golden era of pop (which of course presumes that pop is in terminal decline) and is examining the decades from the 50’s onwards….

Video Archive: 10cc Donna

I think I’ve always attached way more hidden meaning and double wordplay to this song than is actually there. Still makes me smile though. Nice set. Very 1972. Video Archive Posts  Random blog post__Blogs I Read