Vintage Sounding

Vintage headphones

These hand-me-down cans have been languishing unloved for decades. The original owner’s pipe smoke smell has finally half-lifed so put them on for a listen.

Very comfortable to wear and quite a smooth old school sound I guess. Smooth, not fatiguing or over emphasised at either end of the spectrum with some mid frequency colour action that actually helps make vocals sound reasonably natural.

I’m guessing these headphones date from the mid to late 70s?

Make? Er…Eagle? No idea. Made in Japan anyway. At least the cable isn’t’ coiled as some vintage phones are.

I was going to pass these on but they might be a keeper.

If anyone knows for certain when these date from or who made them then please let me know.


Tape Archive: From Beyond The Grave

SpidermanSome years ago I digitally cleaned an old vinyl record that had seen better days. It was scratched and worn but I was able to get most of the worst clicks and pops out. After all that work on someone’s behalf I find that the recordings are now available via i-Tunes and there are mp3 versions out there with the accompanying storyboard comic included.

The original: Spiderman – from beyond the grave-a Rockomic was released in 1972 and is a quiteSpidey-In well made audio drama featuring Marvel’s Spiderman with period original 70’s music tracks embedded along the way.

Here’s part of the semi-cleaned up vinyl version anyway which is a bit of cheesey fun on headphones.

A smaller 1.5Mb sized AAC+ audio encoded* version is available here.

* AAC+ files require Songbird, VLC or Orban plugin(Windows only) for optimum playback. Quicktime and i-Tunes will playback only at half bandwidth (low-fi audio only).

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Pop Decadence

Can – Don’t say No

More German experimentation from 1977

I’ve been enjoying the ongoing Pop on trial programmes on BBC4 (still available via the BBC iPlayer)which is attempting to find the golden era of pop (which of course presumes that pop is in terminal decline) and is examining the decades from the 50’s onwards. The 70’s was looked at last with the 80’s obviously due for examination next week.

New Music Night And Day
I tend to view the 70’s as pop’s most creative decade or at least the last decade where genuinely new musical forms were invented. Closer examination reveals that despite the decades top singles achieving sales in excess of 2 million, a figure unheard of today, there was the indulgent excess of prog rock and viewing the repeat of the Top Of the Pops Xmas special of 1978 recently you’d be forgiven for thinking that punk made no impact whatsoever with the edition dominated by bland middle of the road offerings by the Brotherhood of man, The Brighouse and Rastrick Brass band and similar family friendly beige items.

New Waves
Having said that my own peak of pop record buying was probably the 80’s and 90’s but I continue to have a sneaking respect for the post Beatles decade that gave us Glam rock,heavy metal, prog rock, the birth of commercial electronic music, art rock and then (in the UK anyway) attempted to reinvent itself with punk.

Post Punk
In truth post punk and new wave were probably more interesting than punk itself which many snobbishly saw as an exclusively London phenomenon that only spread to the provinces once it was really all over.

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