Ballad Of The War Machine

Catchy one from the band down under. Twenty five to thirty years ago this would easily have been an earworm on radio that would have shifted a bus load of vinyl and cassettes.

Not Up For Discussion Mate

ABC Radio Australia guest (science reporter Dr Karl) talking about global warming and possible ways the nation might conserve water. “It takes over 50kg of water to produce 1kg of beef…that’s kind of wasteful” An incredulous sounding host quickly interjects: “It may well be but we’re not going to stop eating beef. End of” Some…

Selling Canberra By The Electronic Word Of Mouth

“One of the great things Canberra has going for it is low expectations” A verbatim quote from an ABC Canberra radio interview with a representative from the company running a risky competition within Australia to get one of five hundred free holidays to the much maligned capital of Australia, Canberra in return for writing about the experience on…

Australian radio quiz asks for name of London Mayor.Amazingly one caller knows his first name.”So it’s Boris..?” Confident answer: “Yeltsin”